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About us


Code Ketchup is a  web company based in the Philippines. Composed of experienced web engineers with at least 5 years of experience in latest web technologies and APIs. We are a software development team aiming for technological innovation that provides well-engineered applications for small and medium businesses around the globe.


Using modern software engineering practices, websites & apps are built to the highest standard available.Every client we work with becomes a part of the team. We keep the lines of communication wide open and mutual. You’ll be informed and empowered from inception to project review and beyond. We think that’s key to a happy, productive relationship and to the best results.


We build products that can make an impact. We help you manage your business target your next potential lead by using social media, well designed website and SEO friendly site. A well-performing website converts 7% to 14% of visitors and is optimized for this goal. It is important to place CTAs in every section of your website to drive visitors to web forms and gated content. The idea is to make use of as many opportunities as possible to direct prospects towards your sales funnel.



Project Scope


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